CASE STUDY: Creative in Construction
|  SKILLS |  

Content and design strategy, Copywriting, Iconography, UI Wireframing, Editing, End-user training, Social media management


My role as a full time Software Trainer and Documentation Specialist consisted of leading content and design strategy for software implementations, employee portals, creating and maintaining updated documentation for the in-house construction management software, Endeavour, wireframing Endeavour mobile designs, iterating designs, as needed, and end-user training.

|  STRATEGY  |  

The items selected in this portfolio highlight the best of my work as an entry level UX professional. The web images were designed from the career web page of the site intended to provide a more visually appealing design for the user.

career portal home

The flyer is a marketing material for graduates seeking employment post college. The choices made in this flyer were branding and demographic.  

new graduates recruitment flyer

The icon page showcases revisions to the outdated icons which did not correspond with the intended action for the user. The icons were strategically chosen to reiterate the action stated in the text to decrease user slips from selecting the wrong icon. 



The scope of work in this time period of my UX Professional career showcase my ability to adapted quickly in a rapid environment while functioning in multiple roles.