CASE STUDY: Creating RhetWiki
|  SKILLS |  

Usability testing, UI design, HTML & CSS editing


The project was to create a collaborative knowledge database for students to engage in collaborative writing process through critical thinking, rhetorical knowledge, writing for electronic environments, analysis and synthesis of ideas. My role was as the creator, user tester, facilitator and manager of the database.  

|  STRATEGY  |  

An analysis of the target demographic was conducted to determine user needs. After researching a variety of tools, the appropriate tool, a wiki, was chosen as the most effective means of achieving user outcomes. The wiki was built on a platform using a combination of templates, widgets, HTML, and CSS. A methodology was developed to conduct participant observations and online testing to capture user behaviors. Pre and post surveys were conducted to capture user responses. All captured data was analyzed determining that users' experiences interacting with the interface were conducive to their learning processes for composing in multi-modal environments, composing processes, gaining rhetorical knowledge and critical thinking. 


This work illustrates my ability to conduct research, create a prototype, conduct usability data, draw conclusions from the data and present findings.