CASE STUDY: Transactional Emails
The Allconnect brand is a marketplace for internet, TV, and phone services with multi-company serviceability technology that allows a user to shop several service providers simultaneously. Most email campaigns were initiated for the purpose of increasing brand awareness through weekly emails while promoting partner products and services.  
|  SKILLS |  

User pathing, user journey, wireframing, UX writing


Two projects will be highlighted for this skill set. The first is a welcome email series for new subscribers to the newsletter.  Users who subscribed to the Allconnect newsletter would receive a regular email for a period of days in addition to the weekly newsletter. The second project is a downloadable guide. This project initiative began months after the launch of the email series. The purpose of the guide was to entice more users to subscribe with the value of a free resource, and also to weave transactional elements more seamlessly into editorial content in the resource center. 
My role on was the content strategist. 

|  STRATEGY  |  

Each email in the welcome series was used as an introduction to the Allconnect brand and a push to have the user interact with the serviceability check or resource center.
The pages in the interactive downloadable guide were positioned as insider tips from the Allconnect experts to the internet service shopper. Each page of the guide highlighted ways to save on time and money through the four steps of the Allconnect purchasing process. 
Considering the primary user demographic for encompasses internet service switchers or movers, the content primarily targets internet customers as the primary audience.  ​​​​​​​

welcome email series

downloadable guide brief & brainstorm

downloadable guide in-article transactional component

downloadable guide (initial email and guide)


The content and visual aspects of the welcome email series resulted in a win. The first email in this series was an iteration of a standard welcome email. The updates to improve the language and visuals resulted in an 11% increase in click-through-rate, 48% engagement with the primary CTA "Get started," and 13% engagement with the "get local comparisons" transactional element. Hyper-focused content factoring in user demographics and intent resulted in increased user engagement for transacting within the funnel.
The downloadable guide used transactional copy to create a digital asset users found to be exclusive to their membership to the Allconnect brand which aided in building brand loyalty.