OTHER WORK: User education, style guides & content audits
Throughout my career, I've have worn many hats in software documentation and content including content strategist, software trainer, learning management system (LMS) specialist, copywriter and documentation specialist. For the purpose of this brevity, I have fine tuned my work to focus on major projects. I'd like to highlight other aspects of my work in this section. While I will not dive into granular detail about my process on these projects, I'd be happy to chat with you about them. 

|  User Education |  

In my roles of software trainer, documentation specialist and LMS specialist, I crafted a variety of user education materials including online help systems, user manuals and user tutorials. Below is an example of two user education videos assisting users with onboarding procedures​​​​​​​. 
desktop users

mobile users
Additional user education materials from my LMS work can be found on the college's LMS help site.

As a formally trained technical writer, style guides are the backbone of my educational foundation. As a career writer, they are essential to my work writing for several brands across multiple media. Below is my a copy of my most recent style guide for the Allconnect.com brand, a collaborative effort with myself and the former Allconnect content strategist I replaced. 


As a content strategist starting work on an existing site, I've had to conduct content audits several times in my career to determine content gaps, inappropriate use of context, poor user pathing and other user experience inconsistencies. Here's an example of a content audit I conducted for CTA placement and pathing. 
For an additional example, my loading states audit can be found on the digital checkout flow page.